Nangunari, SEZ, Naveen Hi-Tech Nagar:

Welcome to Naveen Hi-Tech Nagar, a 1500 grounds charming layout near Special Economic Zone in Nanguneri.

The Crawling clouds on the Western Ghats, the picturesque green plains,fertile soil, rich in tradition and famous for the Vanumamalai Perumal Vaishnavite temple known as Totadri Mutt are the special features of Nagunari, a taluk headquarters in Tirunelveli district. With TIDCO setting up of a 3000 Acres multi product SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE here in association with INFAC Group and Axes Technoogies lnc US, Naguneri is gaining importance globally.

Situated at 82 Kms from Tuticorin Port, 18 Kms from Madurai Airport, 135 Kms from Trivandrum Airport and 600 Kms from Chennai Intenational Airport, site infrastructure Development is expected to commence in 2007. The world class infrastructure and facilities will attract overseas investments from USA, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Europe. Expected to provide 1,00,000 direct jobs and 2,00,000 indirect jobs, industries such as Electronics, Telecom, Computer hardware manufacturing, Software development, Agro, Bio-technology, Precision Engineering, Pharma, Food processing and a host of manufacturing, trading, reconditioning, repairing or service activities will be setup here.

A 250-acre Pharma park is to come up within the Special Economic Zone. Between 40 to 50 large and small pharmaceutical manufactures and 8 to 10 alied institutions would set up shop in the SEZ, providing 2,800 direct jobs and 6,000 indirect jobs.

On the whole, quality physical infrastructures like water, electricity , warehousing, transport,telecommunication,police station, fire station, banks and roads, social infrastructures like residential complexex, schools, hospitals and recreation facilities will be available.

Naveen Hi-Tech Pvt Ltd., welcomes you to be a proud owner of residential site in ths promising locality which is going to be a major hub of multinational industries. Needless to say how the value would shoot up beyond imaginations in the near future. Naveen Hi-Tech Nagar is situated on the Nanguneri Kalakad road off the 4 lane golden track. The 1500 ground elevated layout offers a pollution free environment , round the clock bus facility , 30 feet wide roads, avenue trees and ground water at 30 feet.
Seize the moment, get set for the refreshing atmosphere and a great standard of living.

Because you deserve it.