Naveen's Wind Mill:

The electricity is generated through the velocity of wind by using machineries, which are called windmills. Windmills are abundant in Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli districts.
The windmills are concentrated in Muppandal area of Kanyakumari district. It is also prevalent in Kavalkinaru, Radhapuram, Pazhavour, Chidambarapuram and Perungudi areas.
In and around these places 3000 acres are owned by Mr.N.Kalayana Sundaram M.D. For installation of windmill and he has the experience for the last thirteen years in this field.

Windmills are ranging from 225 kW to 1250 kW. Generally 225 kW generating wind mills are very common in this area. For the installation of 225 kW windmill, about 80/100 cents of land is required.
The cost of the land for windmill vary from 1 lakh to 5 lakhs according to the area and prevailing market rates.

Production Capacity:

The Electricity is produced six to seven lakhs units per year by 225 kW generator. The entire electricity power produced out of the windmills is purchased by the T.N.E.B. @ their fixed prevailing rates.
At the same time the electricity consumed by the Factories/Industries/Mills will be adjusted against the production units at the same rate.

The industrial development banks are advancing loans upto 80% of the total cost of the projects, based on the companies past 2/5 years of Operations/Balance sheets. The generation of electricity is free from tax if any kind.
Our Managing Director is arranging for the loans too.

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